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With 'Snips' you can cross-reference Excel with supporting evidence, like PDFs, images, MS Word, and Excel files. The references are stored in the workbook. This makes it very easy to review audit and finance procedures.

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Please watch this short video to learn everything you need about the different Snips and how to use them in DataSnipper.

Articles about the different 'Snips'

Text Snip

With the Text Snip, you can extract text from all sorts of documents directly into a cell in Excel. Learn more here: Text Snip

Sum Snip

With the Sum Snip, you can extract numbers from a document and sum them directly in a cell in Excel. Learn more here: Sum Snip

Validation Snip

With the Validation Snip, you can indicate that data in a document is correct according to your personal judgment. Learn more here: Validation Snip

Exception Snip

With the Exception Snip, it's possible to indicate that data on a document is not validated by your personal judgment. Learn more here: Exception Snip

Table Snip

With the Table Snip, you can extract tabular data from multiple pages. This feature can be used for documents with multiple tables with a similar structure. Learn more here: Table Snip