DataSnipper Changelog

This page will be updated with the latest versions of DataSnipper we release and will clarify what we have changed in each version.

DataSnipper v6.0.17

Release Date: May 27, 2024



  • Improved document import process. A new prompt now guides users to select a different cell if they attempt to import while a cell is in edit mode.
  • Resolved an issue where references were missing if the copy/paste operation was initiated before the previous operation had been completed.
  • Updated error messaging for inaccessible documents. Users now receive a clearer message with a link for further assistance when documents are unavailable.
  • Fixed reference and snip loss when removing documents without exception snips. This addresses cases where documents are deleted without saving associated snips or combinations.
  • Resolved import issues with corrupted documents in HP printer folders named 'bromium', ensuring these files no longer overwrite existing content.
  • Corrected display errors in snipped tables. Adjusted output from conditional formatting in Excel to prevent numbers from displaying in red unintentionally.
  • Enhanced file conversion speed from version 5 to version 6, significantly reducing the time required.
Financial Statement Suite (FSS)
  • Fixed a Version Compare bug where tickmarks were not being transferred - MA only
  • Resolved an issue on Version Compare where the incorrect file is shown on the prior year window
  • Corrected the Export legend to align with the tickmarks used in the document
  • Resolved the issue of including the rounding errors comment in the Export summary page
  • Fixed the text wrapping issue on the Export summary page
  • Resolved a bug on tickmark orientation not being in line with the context items
  • Fixed the % function in the calculator (including negative values)
  • Resolved a bug where default comments are not populated for Declined items on Apply all tickmarks
  • Resolved a bug where highlights re-appear when more PY tickmarks are placed as a group
  • Fixed an issue with scrolling synchronicity in VC
  • General performance and memory improvements

DataSnipper v6.0.16

Release Date: April 10, 2024


Today, we announce Cloud Collaboration Suite, our newest add-on module that will bring DataSnipper essentials to your browser.

Cloud Collaboration Suite (CCS)

  • DataSnipper Excel Online: OCR, Document Organizer, Document Viewer, Snipping, Comment, and Export documents with Snips option are now available on Excel Online.
    • Supported also on browsers on Mac devices.
    • Users need to have a Microsoft 365 account to have access to DataSnipper Excel Online.
  • DataSnipper WebSnip Extension: A web browser extension that allows users to use Snipping features to extract data from web pages.
    • It captures the URL and the timestamp of the screenshot; and syncs them directly to the Excel workbook.
    • WebSnip Extension is supported on Chrome and Edge browsers.

DataSnipper v6.0.15

Release Date: March 22, 2024



  • Fixed compatibility issues between DataSnipper add-in and other Excel add-ins.
  • Resolved a bug where multiple snips linked to the same Excel cell were not retained.

Financial Statement Suite (FSS)

  • Fixed the OCR checkbox not being visible under certain conditions.
  • Corrected an "index out of bounds" error during Year Detection.

DataSnipper v6.0.14

Release Date: March 6, 2024



  • Fixed an issue where snips on the viewer were not linked to Excel cells in specific cases after converting workbooks from an old version to a new one with prewritten snips.
  • Improved data migration from old to new versions.
  • Addressed a migration failure issue in certain cases when documents were converted from V5 to V6.

Financial Statement Suite (FSS)

  • Resolved an issue where Universal OCR, in certain cases, had some items in incorrect index locations.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when opening a specific type of project on the FSS project page.

DataSnipper v6.0.11

Release Date: February 22, 2024


Today we announce DataSnipper v6.0.11 with improvements and new features on the DataSnipper Platform and Financial Statement Suite.


  • Fixed an issue where table headers were removed upon reopening a document.
  • Updated the welcome window and onboarding messaging.
  • Fixed an issue where importing the same document from the same path did not produce an error message.
  • Addressed an issue where renaming a document in the document viewer did not work in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where pagination did not appear in the Document viewer if the imported document had fewer than 10 pages.
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a form extraction by double-clicking on the tile was not working.
  • Addressed an issue where field names in invoice extraction appeared without spaces in the Excel workbook.
  • Addressed an issue where editing a cell value for exception and validation snip did not overwrite the cell content with the user's choice.

Financial Statement Suite (FSS)
  • Addressed an issue related to exporting documents with long text spread across multiple pages, resulting in an error where the export did not work.
  • Addressed an issue where an FSS project would not open properly due to an exception error.
  • Addressed an issue where the flyout comment input box and "automated comment" text were cut off in some scaling scenarios.
  • Addressed an issue where group tick marks in Mathematical Accuracy did not update rotation from the group flyout.
  • Addressed an issue where the version compare statement box did not move after moving a grouped PY tickmark.
  • Addressed an issue where exporting a project with an extension in the name was not saved as .dsfss.

DataSnipper v5.1.4

Release Date: January 19, 2024



  • Corrected an issue to ensure Invoice Extractions, Form Extraction, and Document Matching in Excel are accessible only with the appropriate license.

DataSnipper v6.0.5

Release Date: January 10, 2024



  • Introducing contract and receipt extraction, similar to our invoice extraction feature, for more efficient document processing. Part of Advanced Extraction Suite. 
  • New table header recognition capability allows for better accuracy and user-adjustable recognition in tables.

DataSnipper v5.1.3

Release Date: January 8, 2024



  • Addressed a bug that prevented advanced reporting from sending information in specific client environments, caused by license service restrictions in some scenarios.

DataSnipper v6.0.4

Release Date: December 14, 2023



  • Issue with converting files included in the workbook from the old version to v6 is resolved
  • Issue with formulas referencing multiple sheets was broken in the last version. It is now resolved.

DataSnipper v6.0

Release Date: November 17, 2023



  • DataSnipper Co-authoring
    • With the newly updated data storage, DataSnipper now allows multiple users to create, update, and delete Snips on the same workbook in real-time.
    • For simultaneous editing and collaborative work, users need to import documents to the same SharePoint folder.
    • Workbooks can now be converted to be compatible with older versions (v5.1x or lower).
    • Table Snip: New 'Snip All Tables' option allows users to extract all tables from a document with page numbers.
    • Table Snip: User experience improved for adjusting the sizes of columns and rows in table snips.
    • OCR recognition for Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic has been significantly improved for accuracy.

    Financial Statement Suite (FSS):

    • FSS is decoupled from Excel and can be launched separately.
    • Added drag cursor to the built-in calculator and flyout.
    • The document drop-down has been removed from the Version Comparison page. Now, the comparison is always done between the current and previous versions of the current year document.
    • PDF export now includes custom tickmarks in the legend.
    • The left click on the index does not apply the correct tickmark automatically and opens a flyout to allow users to define the tickmark.
    • IC algorithm has been improved to produce better results when some notes missing in the document.
    • Export and import project functionality has been added.
    • Project list view has been added to make it easier to access previously created projects by individual users, only visible to them.
    • The new built-in calculator is accessible across all test pages.
    • FSS Document Viewer has been completely rewritten.
    • All the FSS data is stored in the APPDATA/DataSnipper/FSS folder

    DataSnipper v5.1.2

    Release Date: September 7, 2023


    • Resolved a bug related to date and time formatting in shared documents across multiple regions, ensuring consistent date formats.
    • Fixed an issue where the document viewer in the view-only version was not opening properly after user license validation.

    DataSnipper v5.1.1

    Release Date: July 5, 2023


    • Licensing for the version compare feature has been updated. It is now accessible when FSS is enabled.
    • We have rectified a problem where users encountered issues when deleting and redoing multiple snips in the same cell.
    • An issue with renaming extractions and information not displaying correctly in the popup window has been fixed. 

    DataSnipper v5.1.0

    May 1, 2023

    • Updated the DataSnipper licensing to work with new packaging, each feature now has more granular feature flagging to show/hide the button.
    • Fixed an issue whereby the document viewer would sometimes not show if "Include PDFs" was turned off.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Table snipping was adding characters to negative values
    • Updated the "Parts" column of the "Find All Sums" output to be accurate
    • Removed the "Create Folder" option from the import menu

    DataSnipper v4.1.7

    March 31, 2023
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed snip data serialization issue when multiple workbooks are opened at the same time.

    DataSnipper v5.0.7

    March 15, 2023
    Today we announce DataSnipper v5.0.7 with improvements on opening existing workbooks and all new features of v5.
    Below you can find the complete list of changes since v5.0.6:
    • Fixed snip data serialization when multiple workbooks are opened at the same time.
    • Fixed backward compatibility issue for workbooks with linked PDFs.
    • Fixed backward compatibility issue for workbooks created with DataSnipper v1.2 or lower.
    This version has been thoroughly tested and is now ready for deployment on a large scale.
    We recommend upgrading to this version and we are planning to support this version until 2027.

    DataSnipper v5.0.6

    March 1, 2023
    Updates to DataSnipper from previous patch:
    • Fixed issue where document matching didn't work for strings with fewer than 4 characters.
    • Resolved issue in FSS where annotations on scrollbar were not showing.
    • Fixed backwards compatibility issue for document level automation not showing in the FSS.
    Curious to see what has changed in DataSnipper?
    Read all about it in our blog.

    DataSnipper v5.0.5

    February 15, 2023
    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where OCR was not working on rotated texts,
    • Users can now rotate the page & OCR will work.
    • Fixed a bug where the xml of Document Matching templates could become corrupted.
    • Improved consistency of popups in the Document Organizer
    • Improved synchronisation of document viewer drop down selectors when a document is removed.
    • Added semi-automated workflow where DataSnipper FSS now adds suggestions and the user must click these suggestions to add tick marks. 

    DataSnipper v5.0.4

    February 7, 2023
    Performance improvements:
    • Importing a file for the first time
    • Deleting a range of snips
    Bug fixes:
    • Export folder opening in the background
    • Form extraction templates now has a scroll viewer
    • Version compare button in the ribbon (where applicable) is now visible before a file is imported
    • File naming now has relevant restrictions and matches the windows standards, this fixes Excel crashing issues.
    • Now only allow setting digits in the repeat table snip dialog box
    • Fixed a bug where Forcing Same Page in document matching would force it for all columns instead of the column it was set on
    • Fixed a bug where some message boxes were blocking Excel actions
    • When the OCR fails, now we can see the appropriate error message/condition
    • Right-clicking no longer deselects the items on the document organizer
    • Imported folders are now properly displayed in the document organizer.
    • Its now possible to create a snip within a snip

    DataSnipper v4.1.6

    January 27, 2023
    Bug fixes and improvements:
    • Solves issue were it is not possible to import documents from certain workbooks, often this is related to the location of the workbook. You can benefit from this version if you see a 
      System.NotSupportedException in your log file.

    DataSnipper v5.0.3

    January 3, 2023
    Bug fixes and performance improvements:
    • Improvements to Document organiser UX and Command Menu.
    • Fixed issue where the CTRL + V Shortcut being blocked in excel when the "Paste to import" setting was turned on.
    • Fixed issue where message-boxes were consistently being shown as transparent.
    • Fixed issue where exclude PDFs caused exporting functionality not to work in some cases.
    • Performance improvements for deleting sheets.
    • Fixed issue where no indexing of dates larger than the year 2100 was causing document matching to not pickup some text.
    • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


    DataSnipper v5.0.2

    December 1, 2022
    • Insider Release: 1 December 2022
    • Release: 1 March 2023
    Document Matching:
    • Updated look and feel included automated output column selection and feedback on match configuration errors.
    • Added option for % threshold
    • Added option for fuzzy text matching
    • Added option to force match on same row/page
    Document Matching Templates:
    • New feature allowing for you to save your document match as a template.
    • Retain your match and the related excel sheet for later use.
    • Access to a featured template library provided by DataSnipper with a range of common procedures.
    • Ability for authorized users to share company templates across the organization.
    Document Organizer:
    • New feature to enable document management in DataSnipper.
    • Drag and drop to import all recognized file types and folders
    • Create folders to use in other features
    • Filter and sort your documents using metadata such as import data, file status, or size.
    • Search your documents and easily find the correct groupings to add to folders.
    Document Viewer:
    • Updated UI
    • New snipping toolbar for changing snip type on second screen
    • Page selector added
    • Folder and document dropdown selectors which link to Document organizer.
    • Updated rotation so all rotation options now cause reindexing in new orientation for more accurate snipping.
    • Updated the "show viewer in second screen" experience with option to switch directly in the viewer and responsive UI.
    Settings Menu:
    • Update user level settings in DataSnipper to tailor to your preferences.
    • Configure "General Settings" which apply whenever you work with DataSnipper or "Workbook settings" which are retained at the workbook level.
    • Option to be notified vs. auto applying OCR.
    • Option for enable/disable of paste to import using the CTRL + V keyboard shortcut.
    • Option to enable/disable showing the learning track invite on opening DataSnipper.
    • Option to enable/disable table snip suggestions shown on the page for a specific workbook.
    • New control for "Include all PDFs" in the workbook.


    DataSnipper v4.1.5

    July 19, 2022
    Minor patch update including the following bug fixes and enhancements (please note these are all changes from v4.1.1- v4.1.5):
    • Table snip suggestions now visible when any type of Snip is selected
    • Featured templates are now accessible within Form Extraction
    • Bug fixes for backward compatibility
    • Improved speed and reliability of FSS
    • Fixed issues with tickmarks drawing over each other
    • Fixed snip selection issue with one snip inside another.
    • Improved indexing process accuracy
    • Fixed a bug where concept text messes with table detection.
    • UI error bug fixes
    Curious to see what has changed in DataSnipper?
    Read all about it in our blog

    DataSnipper V4.0.12

    April 7, 2022
    Update includes 2 fixes:
    • Grey screen document viewer issue now resolved
    • Financial statement suite speed improvement

    Financial Statement Suite v4.1

    March 29, 2022
    • 1 June 2022: Insider Release
    • 1 September 2022: Release
    Reach out to start testing all functionalities of the Financial Statement Suite's v4.1 update
    Algorithm Update:
    • Internal Consistency and Prior Year Consistency now give suggestions
    • Mathematical Accuracy algorithm has been improved for more accuracy.
    • Automatic tickmark transfer algorithm has been added to move tickmarks between versions
    UI update:
    • Updated look and feel
    • Findings sidebar summarising all issues in the FS and providing a "to-do" list for your tick and tie.
    • Comment and Version sidebar
    • Default tickmark changes possible at company level.
    • Custom tickmarks can be added per user.
    • Flyout menus added for updating tickmarks/comments/rotation.
    Financial Statement Suite – Automatic tickmark application:
    • Auto tickmark application for all functions
    • Enhanced ability to review tickmarks placed

    DataSnipper v4.1

    March 19, 2022
    • 1 June 2022: Insider Release
    • 1 September 2022: Release
    Form Extraction UI update:
    • Updated look and feel
    • Changed editing keys from clicking to snipping
    • Updated layout of extractions editing, document view, and data preview
    • Document selector so you can choose which imported files to apply form extraction to.
    Form Extraction Templates:
    • Save form extractions as templates so you can reuse them later if you receive more similarly structured documents
    • Templates are stored locally and only include metadata
    • Add descriptions and tags to track what exactly was extracted in the template.
    • Landing page updated to allow you to select specific templates.
    Table Snip Suggestions:
    • Suggestions over where tables exist in current documents
    • Extract highlighted table with a single-click
    • Improved column and row recognition algorithms
    • Multiple page table extraction and editing is also added within this feature
    Enhanced Text Recognition:
    • Text Recognition will enhance the quality of the PDF text by default
    • Text Recognition supports all languages in Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanse, and Korean scripts
    • Handwritten Text Recognition supports English, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish
    Other improvements:
    • Lower memory and CPU footprint
    • Performance improvements by caching indexes locally
    • Gray / Blank PDF viewer issue is solved


    DataSnipper v4.0.11 - Enterprise Release

    December 2, 2021
    • Fixed bug where documents with snips could not be deleted from the workbook. This bug only occurred in v4.0.9.

    DataSnipper v4.0.9

    November 30, 2021
    • Resolve issues where spaces are not written for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages
    • Resolve issues where Integrations could crash
    • Resolve issues where the export location of tickmarks was incorrect for the Financial Statement Suite
    • Allow Disabling of CTRL+V and CTRL+Z based hotkeys on a per-company basis to increase compatibility with other add-ins.
    • Fix an issue where the old snips are not correctly deleted from the worksheet when performing Document Matching.

    DataSnipper v4.0.7

    November 5, 2021
    • Removed compression prompt during importing.
    • User is warned when reaching over 50MB, 100MB, and 150MB, etc (same as in DataSnipper v3).
    • Fonts no longer are deleted during compression.
    • Document Matching Row Height dropdown does not reach over the task pane anymore.

    DataSnipper v4.0.6

    October 13, 2021
    • Fix issue where files containing special characters in the title are not deleted
    • Compression issues fixed where it would display as negative compression %
    • Added better support for parsing email files (.eml and .msg)
    • Get Text/Table Snip values from the Index
    • Solved cross workbook use of Control+Z to undo snipping

    DataSnipper v4.0.5

    September 19, 2021
    • Added possibility to use Version Comparison for single-column layout in Financial Statement Suite
    • Solved issue where CTRL + Z did not function in non-English language settings

    DataSnipper v4.0.4

    September 7, 2021
    • Add possibility to pass license as a parameter to the .msi installer
    • Form Extraction gives preference to dates in local format

    DataSnipper v4.0

    August 27, 2021
    • 1 August 2021: Preview Release
    • 1 September 2021: SMB Release
    • 1 December 2021: Enterprise Release
    Reach out to start testing all functionalities of DataSnipper v4.0
    Search & Snip:
    Search and Snip is a new feature speeding up your Snipping actions. This feature is very helpful to boost for example your walkthrough procedure. It is now possible to directly Snip from the search result pane, across different documents.
    Undo snipping and deletion with CTRL Z:
    It is now possible to undo your last Snip action with 'Control + Z'. You can only undo your most recent Snip. If your most recent Snip was copied from another Excel workbook, it will only undo the Snip, but the referenced document to the Snip will not be removed.
    Edit rows in Table Snip:
    It is now possible to edit the purple selection rows after Snipping a table. With this new feature, you are more flexible in the way your table data is extracted to your Excel workbook.
    Extraction options in Form Extraction:
    It is now possible to extract structured data across documents, pages and lines.
    • Document: if you have e.g. 10 documents with the same structure you can extract different data across those 10 document with a single action.
    • Pages: With 'page' extraction you can extract structured data across one document with multiple pages.
    • Lines: With line extraction, you can extract structured data across different lines on the same page, e.g. a bank statement.
    Paste snips into a different workbook with CTRL V:
    It is now possible to copy Snips from one Excel workbook to another Excel workbook with 'Control + v'. DataSnipper will copy the Snip to the selected cell. The document referenced to the Snip will automatically be imported.
    Paste screenshots and files into a workbook to import automatically:
    It is now possible to import documents by copying files from your computer folder to DataSnipper with 'control v'.
    Compress imported documents:
    To improve document size management, it is now possible to compress imported files. When uploading files larger than 20mb, DataSnipper will ask to compress the file. It is also possible to compress files under the 'remove' icon in DataSnipper. On average, it will save up 40-60% in workbook size.
    Untitled (1)
    Learn Track:
    Get value faster. The new DataSnipper Learn Track will help your organization to adopt DataSnipper. Users are able to sign-up for the learn track, on which they will receive - the most up to date - short product and use case video's directly in their mailbox. This new service is included in all current contracts.
    Financial Statement Suite:
    The Financial Statement Suite automatically analyzes the financial statement and helps to both perform and document all financial statement procedures extremely fast, while relying on the auditor's judgement – improving standardization and the overall quality of service. The Financial Statement Suite is a separate module and needs the DataSnipper Platform the run.
    Mathematical Accuracy:
    Verifying mathematical accuracy was never this easy. DataSnipper has analyzed the report for you and added suggestions of valid totals, exceptions and deviations. Simply mark them as validated or add comments.
    Internal Consistency:
    No need to scroll up and down to verify internal consistency. DataSnipper has automatically matched amounts to their occurrences within the financial statement.
    Prior Year Consistency:
    Forget about 'tabbing' between documents to verify prior year consistency. DataSnipper has automatically analysed corresponding amounts between two financial statements.
    Simply export your tickmarks, findings and comments. Ready to include in your audit file. Optimized for easy client communication.
    Version Comparison:
    New version changes? No problem! DataSnipper has highlighted every single change between two financial statements for you.


    DataSnipper v3.0.12

    July 30, 2021
    • Solved issue where text snip pasted double text, this only occurred in rare instances.

    DataSnipper v3.0

    December 2, 2020
    • 1 February 2021: Preview release
    • 1 Marchj 2021: SMB Release
    • 1 June 2021: Enterprise Release
    Release Highlights:
    • Form Extraction
    • Table Snip multiple Pages
    • Improvements for Document Matching and Find all Sums
    • Export with Snips and comments
    • User metrics dashboard
    • Text Recognition supports 73 languages
    Form Extraction:
    With Form Extraction, you can extract values from similarly structured documents. Snip all the values you want to extract if everything looks good in the preview table. After clicking the extract button a new sheet will be created with a snip for all values and documents.
    Find all Sums:
    The "Find all Sums" now includes horizontal and totals in different columns. By simply importing the documents and clicking Find all sums, DataSnipper finds all the sums from different columns.
    Options for Document Matching:
    With Matching options, you can add different options in your document matching by clicking the "..." button. You can set a column as required so if a field in that column is not found, the corresponding row will be left empty. You can also allow a difference up to a specified amount when matching a value.
    Start by selecting the documents, the input columns, and the output columns. Then you can assign options to the desired columns.
    Table snip on multiple pages:
    The "Table snip" feature allows you to extract tabular data from multiple pages. Draw a rectangle around the data (excluding headers) in the PDF, so your first Table snip is created. Then click the "...", you can choose on which pages it should create addition table snips for the same positions. This is especially useful for tabular data on PDFs and it can process up to 10.000 pages.
    Document overview for export, remove, and groups:
    With “Document Overview” you can view all the imported documents in a single window where you can select or deselect the documents of your choice. This new overview window will automatically pop up when you want to export documents, remove documents or create groups.
    Export with Snips and Comments:
    While exporting documents, you can now export all the snips and comments attached to the document. Start by clicking the export button in the ribbon panel, select the documents you want to export in the Export window, and then select the “Export with snips and comments” option.
    Text Recognition now supports 73 different languages
    Audit Trail shows all embedded documents:
    The DataSnipper worksheet always shows a complete list of all embedded documents. This allows Regulators and clients without DataSnipper to reperform all work.
    Import MSG, ZIP, and TXT:
    When importing files in DataSnipper, you can now select MSG files with attachments, ZIP, and any text-based format like HTML, XML, CAMT, RTF, and TXT. When choosing these files, they will be automatically converted to PDF and opened in your Document Viewer.
    Usage Metrics Dashboard:
    With our usage metrics tool you will be able to register and login online to a usage dashboard. This will provide key aggregated insights over: how many of each kind of snip your team are preparing, the number of documents where text recognition was performed, workbooks prepared/reviewed,  and document matching tests completed. You can view the trending of these metrics over time and display them on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
    This will be available mainly for administrators or implementation managers within your organisation.
    Usage Dashboard Screenshot

    DataSnipper v2.1.8

    November 26, 2020
    • Solves issues with ‘Waiting for OLE connection’ message caused in combination with certain other Excel Add-ins
    • Removes 'Audited with DataSnipper' tag
    • Improved speed and reliability

    DataSnipper v2.1.0

    November 26, 2020
    Table Snip:
    With the ‘Table Snip’ you can automatically extract tabular data from PDFs into Excel. Draw a rectangle around the data in the PDF and the table is pasted into Excel. If necessary, you can add or remove columns with the plus and minus buttons.
    Find all Sums:
    With ‘Find all Sums’ you can automatically calculate all the sums in a document. This feature is particularly useful for calculating the mathematical accuracy of a financial statement. DataSnipper will create a new sheet and text snip the totals of a sum in column A and sum snip the parts of a sum in column B. You can now easily review the mathematical accuracy by clicking on the snips.
    Document matching with multiple document groups:
    With Document Matching you can automatically match source documents (e.g. invoices, bank statements, contracts, delivery notes, etc) with Excel data. This feature enables you to prefill your tests of details. Please watch this video to learn more about
    In version 2.1 Document Matching is improved with the possibility to match data to multiple document groups. For example, you can cross check Excel data with invoices and bank statements in one test. To achieve that you can segment the imported documents into invoices and bank statements with the ‘Add Group’’ button. Then you can assign the preferred columns to drop the snips and run the test.
    Search overview:
    Navigating between search results is improved with an easy to use dropdown with a list of all the search results. The results are organized by document name and page number. You can jump from one location to the other by hovering over a search result.
    One-click search:
    With One-click search you check if a date or amount also appears on a different page or PDF. When you click on the date or amount in the PDF you see a list of all the matches. Please watch this video to learn more about one-click search: Here
    Multiple snips to one cell:
    Now you can link two or more snips to one cell. This enables you to reference two different locations on a PDF or different PDFs to one cell. You can link another snip to a cell by pressing CTRL while making a snip. You can create multiple snips to one cell with the sum, text, validation, and exception snip.
    Export PDFs:
    With the ‘Export’ button you can export the current PDF or all imported PDFs to a folder. This is useful if you want to store the PDFs separately and do not have access to the original PDFs anymore. After you click on one of the two buttons you can select the folder where you want to export.
    Include PDFs enabled by default:
    In version 2.1 ‘Include PDFs’ is enabled by default. With ‘Include PDFs’ enabled all imported files are embedded into the Excel file. This is practical when you share a DataSnipper with a colleague or upload it into audit management system. Because they cannot reach the original PDF file. If you want to disable ‘Include PDFs’ by default for the whole organization send an e-mail to .
    Improvements v2.1:
    • Performance improvements Text Recognition and Document Matching
    • Text Recognition has improved supports for English, Dutch, German, France, Spanish, and Portuguese
    • DataSnipper Add-in is never disabled by Excel.
    • Saving of snips and documents is completely resilient.