How to use Find all Sums

With Find all sums, it is very easy to check if all numbers in a document are mathematically correct.

About Find all Sums

With 'find all sums', you can automatically verify the mathematical accuracy of a financial document. DataSnipper will analyze all numbers to find potential sums. Easy to review, while saving time.

Validating Mathematical Accuracy

This feature is particularly useful for calculating the mathematical accuracy of a financial statement.

  1. To start, use the 'Find all Sums' button in the Datasnipper toolbar.
  2. DataSnipper creates a new sheet and adds a Text Snip from the totals of a sum.
  3. Column B will be filled with the totals of a Sum and column C with the parts.
  4. With Find all Sums, you can easily review the mathematical accuracy by scrolling through the documents of the snips. 

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Video tutorial