How to analyze a financial statement using Find all Sums

You can use find all sums feature to check the mathematical accuracy of a financial statement.

About Find all Sums

With 'find all sums', you can automatically verify the mathematical accuracy of a financial document. DataSnipper will analyze all numbers to find potential sums. Easy to review, while saving time. 

To learn the basics of the Find all Sums feature and how to use it, please go here.

'Find all Sums' for your Financial Statement Procedure

  1. DataSnipper analyzes all numbers to find potential sums and will paste the results into excel in two columns: total and parts.
  2. By scrolling through the financial statement in the document viewer you'll see orange snips highlighting all parts and blue snips indicating the totals.
  3. If the sum of the parts and the totals are equal, they are outputted on the left in the excel file.
  4. If we could not match the sum of the individual parts to the total value, the values will remain white. You can manually verify this with the Sum Snip.
  5. There could be multiple reasons that numbers are not mathematically correct. You can place an exception snip to mark this and comment for the reviewer.

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