How to resolve non-working Text Recognition (OCR)

This article explains how to solve the non-working Text Recognition (OCR) feature

What is Text Recognition (OCR)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that reads documents and transforms any visible text into a format that the computer can read. This helps users extract text from images or scanned documents.

The Recognize Text button is grayed out 

If the Recognize Text button is grayed out, it means that this feature is not currently enabled on your license, or that there may be a problem contacting the DataSnipper license server.

If your company has purchased the Text Recognition option and the button is still greyed out, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

TR greyed out

The Text Recognition fails

If every time you run the Text recognition and you receive a pop-up saying Text Recognition has failed, it means that the Azure endpoint is not accessible.


Please ask your IT department to check the following:

  • The internet connection is working.
  • The correct Azure Endpoint is being used.
  • The correct Azure Key is being used.
  • Your Azure Endpoint is allow-listed.
  • Your network environment is configured for DataSnipper
  • If you are using a private Azure Endpoint: make sure that the Azure usage limit has not been reached. 

Your IT department can also check the Azure logs for further details.

The document has no text after running Text Recognition

This is known to occur with a very small percentage of documents, usually if the document has very low-quality text. 

If you are using Chinese, Japanese, or Korean font, please notify your Customer Success Manager so they can enable the non-Latin language support for you.

This issue might be happening if you have a subversion of version 3.0 of DataSnipper. If you have a version lower than version 4.0.11, please make sure you update DataSnipper.


If these steps do resolve the issue, please collect your Azure logs, reach out to the DataSnipper Support team, and provide the logs.