How to configure your environment for DataSnipper

DataSnipper is an application that is installed and runs locally, however certain features do require internet connectivity.

All internet traffic from DataSnipper is encrypted using TLS 1.2. No client files are sent to, or stored on DataSnipper servers. You can find more information about application security here.


This article is meant to assist IT teams with configuring security settings within your network and security environment. This will ensure DataSnipper has full functionality for your users. Though DataSnipper is a locally installed application that executes within Excel on a local PC or virtual machine, there are features that do require connectivity to Microsoft Azure. 

What to configure

From version 4.1 onward, we are consolidating the endpoints listed below. In order to ensure full functionality without interruptions or degradation, the following endpoints will need to be allow-listed.

Version 4.1.x and up:


Version 4.0.x and below:


Text recognition

DataSnipper leverages Azure Cognitive Services. It is critical to ensure that your Azure Cognitive Services endpoint URL is allow-listed. If this step is skipped, text recognition may not function.

Your text recognition URL will differ per region. If you are unsure of what your URL is, you can always contact your Customer Success Manager. An example of the URL structure is provided below.

  • [REGION]

If you encounter any difficulties, you can find more information on how to ensure Text Recognition will operate here.