How to resolve Invalid License Key messages when installing DataSnipper

When installing DataSnipper, a license key must be provided, otherwise an error will be displayed.


A license key must be provided when installing DataSnipper. This will either be the "license.txt" file, or the contents of the "license.txt" file. If none are provided, an error is shown to prevent deploying non activated or non functional DataSnipper to your users. This feature was introduced in DataSnipper 4.1. If DataSnipper is already installed and your users are seeing expired license messages you can find the solution here

Standard install (running Setup.msi)

If you have directly run the Setup.msi file, but no "license.txt" file is present in the install folder (e.g. DataSnipper Installer v4.x.x) you will see the following message. 

This message will also appear if the installer package has not been unzipped. Please unzip the installer package and ensure "license.txt" is present in the folder. You should then be able to re-run the installer. 

Command line installation

If you are installing DataSnipper via the command line, please ensure you copy the full content of the "license.txt" file and paste it after "LICENSEKEY=" in the string you are using to install DataSnipper. If you see the below message, you may not be entering a valid key.

The image below shows the correct format for providing the license key in a command line install. You can also find command line installation instructions here.


If you are still seeing messages about your key when installing DataSnipper, please reach out to your DataSnipper contact to get the correct license.txt file or installer package.