How to resolve Expired License messages

If an incorrect license key is used, or communication is blocked to the DataSnipper license server, users may see a" License has expired" pop-up message.


This article and the steps within are meant to guide users and IT teams to resolve license key or license validation related issues. Though DataSnipper is a locally installed application that executes within Excel on a local PC or virtual machine, internet communication is required to validate your license. 

Allow-list the DataSnipper URL

If you are using a Firewall, check to see if the DataSnipper license server is accessible. 

One way to do this is to open Windows PowerShell and type the following command :

Invoke-WebRequest -Method POST

If the URL is correctly allow-listed, you should see the following output : 

image (10)

If the output is different, your environment may need to be configured to allow DataSnipper to communicate. Please direct your IT team or admin to our guide.

Check that the correct license is being used

If the license expired error message appears for only one (or few) users, in most cases, the wrong license has been deployed to those users. To fix this, ask your IT department to follow these steps:

  1. On a computer where DataSnipper is working, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\DataSnipper
  2. Open the license.txt file on the machine where DataSnipper is working.
  3. Make sure you copy the full content (make sure it's exactly the same with no extra spaces or linebreaks)
  4. Open the license.txt on the machine where DataSnipper is not working.
  5. Copy the pasted content into the non-working license.txt and save the file.

To verify this works, please restart Excel and click the "About" button in the ribbon to reset the license.

If this does not solve the issue, uninstall DataSnipper on the affected machines and re-install using the link provided by your customer success manager. If you are still having issues with expired license messages after these steps, please reach out to the DataSnipper Support team.