How to remove documents from DataSnipper

How to remove Documents from DataSnipper, for example, due to compliance regulation or just to clean up your Excel workbook.

Cleaning your workbook file

Cleaning your file is easy in DataSnipper. From a compliance perspective, it can be useful to remove documents after your test proceeds.
  1. Use the Remove button in your toolbar
  2. Choose one of the options that suit your needs

Removing documents

There are a number of options for removing documents that are embedded within the DataSnipper enabled excel workbook (See below). These can be performed at any stage of the preparation or review process:

  • Choose document to Remove: This option allows the users to select from a filterable checkbox list the name of a document or a set of documents to remove from the DataSnipper enabled excel workbook. If a specific document is selected then all pages of that document will be removed. In the event that any of these pages had snips the data will remain within excel without a link to the document.
  • Remove pages without snips: This option will remove all pages from all documents which don’t contain any snips. This option can be utilized to minimize the files retained within the testing workbook to only items which are relevant for the testing.
  • Remove pages without exception snips: This option will remove all pages from all documents which don’t contain exception snips. This can be utilized to retain only items which related to specific issues, it’s especially helpful if a subset of tested items with issues is required to be sent back to the client or to be highlighted for further action.

Explainer video

Please watch this 1-minute video to learn everything you need to know.