How to perform minute review procedures using DataSnipper

Learn how to use the DataSnipper tool to allow you to quickly search and summarise minutes and document your review.


ToD minute review - example


ToD minute review - template


  • Client's minutes

Start procedure

  1. Begin by creating a table to document your review of the minutes.
  2. Add some specific audit search terms and blank column next to these. 

  3. Click the cell with your search terms and use the smart search functionality to find all occurrences of your specific search term. 
  4. Select the text snip and then use this to extract the specific elements of the minutes which you want to summarise. Please click here for more details on the text snip.

    Hnet-image (5)
  5. Once you have extracted all of the information required from the minutes you can add some audit implications. 

  6. The reviewer can then click into the snipped cells and see details of where specific summaries were extracted from.

You can hold the CTRL button on your keyboard to make multiple text snips to the same cell in order to better summarise the minutes you are reviewing.

Sharing the file

  1. You can choose to exclude all documents before saving the workbook in your audit file, by selecting the include/exclude documents toggle.
  2. You have some options to delete specific documents, please click here to learn more.