How to perform a User Access Provisioning Review

Learn how to perform a user access provisioning review using DataSnipper's Form Extraction

Video Tutorial


  • User access forms
  • Relevant employee lists
  • Professional package

Start Procedure

To perform a user access provisioning review using DataSnipper's Form Extraction:

  1. Open the work paper for IT Access Controls review and select a sample of new joiners.
  2. Import all the user access forms using the Document Organizer
  3. Click on Document Extraction on the DataSnipper ribbon, and select Form Extraction to open the form extraction window.
  4. Click on ‘Start new Form Extraction; and select the source documents to extract information from.
  5. Set the extraction frequency, for example, 'extract per page' for multiple pages.
  6. Draw rectangles over all the data points you want to extract, like employee number, approver name, job title, and administrator name. Ensure that the Snip covers the data point adequately.
  7. Double click on the extraction headers in the preview pane to rename them.
  8. Click on the blue ‘Export to Excel’ icon.
  9. You can copy-paste the cross-referenced Snips into your workpaper from here
  10. Finally, you can use the Validation Snip to identify passed attributes and verify the attribute that access approval came from a different authority than the administrator.