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How to perform a Test of Control for Government Audits with DataSnipper

Learn how to use DataSnipper to perform a Checklist Test of Control using various Snips

Video Tutorial


Here you can download the workbook shown in the video including all of the sample data and documents.

Checklist Test of Control - Example


Here you can download a blank version of the workbook shown in the video to use or customize for your own procedures.

Checklist Test of Control - Template


  • Grant Agreement 
  • Final Report 

Start Procedure

  1. Start by importing you Grant Agreement and Final Project Report into DataSnipper. 
  2. Use the Smart Search functionality to find the initial details and Text Snip to extract that data into the worksheet. 
  3. Next, use Validation and Exception Snips to verify information across your files for each attribute of this Checklist Control.
  4. Use Smart Search to quickly find keywords and hold down the CTRL key to add several connected Snips to the same cell.
  5. Review you test of control and ensure all misalignment are flagged for the reviewer.