How to deploy Text Recognition on your Private Azure tenant

DataSnipper gives you the possibility to deploy text recognition on your Private Azure tenant.


If you would like to implement Text Recognition within your own Azure tenant, the following guide will assist you. Once the steps outlined below have been followed, please send your Azure resource key and endpoint to DataSnipper. DataSnipper will compile the endpoint and key into a company-specific installation package to deploy to your users.

Data, Privacy, and Security

After the company-specific installation package is installed, all data will stay within the company network. The data stays local when snipping in your workbooks and within your private Azure tenant during text recognition. To learn more, please read the Microsoft documentation about the data, privacy, and security of Azure Text Recognition.

In order to request an Azure key and endpoint for your organization you need the help of your Azure IT administrator. If you are unsure of who this is, please contact your IT team. The instructions below will assist your Azure IT administrator in configuring an Azure endpoint for Text Recognition.

Request Azure key and Endpoint

  1. Log in to then click Create a resource.

  2.  Go to Azure AI Services

    Ai Services

  3. Go to Multi-Service Account (1), click on Create (2):

    multi service account3

  4. Create Resource in correct region. Make sure to select S0 pricing tier. The free tier is not compatible with Datasnipper. 

    Keys and endpoint

  5. Once the resource is loaded, click on Go to resource.

  6. You’ll find the relevant information under the Keys and Endpoint menu. Please send DataSnipper Key 1 or Key 2 (it doesn’t matter which one) and the endpoint that has been created. Once sent, DataSnipper will create a company-specific installation package with Text Recognition enabled for deployment to your users.


Integration into the DataSnipper installation package

Please share your Azure key and endpoint with your Customer Success Manager. You will receive the latest version of the DataSnipper installer from them with Text Recognition enabled.

It is strongly recommended to validate the functionality of Text Recognition once installed, this will ensure your users have a smooth experience.