How to validate the functionality of DataSnipper and Text Recognition?

After DataSnipper has been installed for multiple users we recommend verifying that its functionality works as expected. This can be done in 3 minutes.

Complete the following steps to be sure of a successful installation of DataSnipper and Text Recogntion.


  • Restart Excel and open a new workbook.
  • Go to the DATASNIPPER tab and select Info to see the currently installed version.

Text Recognition

  • Create a new workbook and import an image from your desktop.
  • When Text Recognition is enabled DataSnipper will ask if you want to perform Text Recognition, click yes.
  • Scroll to the last page of the document and create a snip by dragging/selecting some text diagonally. A snip will be created referencing from the current selected Excel cell to the location on the document.

Please contact your DataSnipper Success Manager if you experience any issue completing the steps above.