FAQs for Snipping

Frequently asked questions for DataSnipper's Snipping features

Are you able to edit data which has been Snipped?

After creating a Snip, all modifications to the data or formatting can be seamlessly made within Excel, preserving the cross-references intact. This enables you to summarize the source data or adjust the wording according to your documentation requirements.

Are you able to undo or delete a Snip?

The 'Undo' capability (Ctrl+Z) allows you reverse the effect of the last Snip you executed. On top of that, if you want to eliminate both the cell's contents and its corresponding reference snip, you can use the 'Delete Snips' button situated in the DataSnipper ribbon.

How can you create more than one reference Snip to one cell in excel?

Holding the Ctrl. key on your keyboard allows you to create multiple snips linked to one cell.

Does DataSnipper recognize handwritten text?

DataSnipper can recognize text in handwritten form as long as it is legible. You can find the most up-to-date status per language on the computer vision language support page.

When is OCR applied by DataSnipper?

OCR is applied on the following user actions:

  • Upon importing documents that do not have a text layer (e.g., images and scanned documents), DataSnipper will prompt a notification in which it asks whether you would like Text Recognition to be applied.
  • Upon selecting the OCR button in the DataSnipper ribbon and applying it to the selected documents.

How can I run Text Recognition on a document that already contains text?

You can use the 'OCR' button and then choose the option 'Recognize'. Please note that for versions before v4.1 you need to select the ‘Recognize and overwrite option’.

How do you correct the extraction where there are small differences in the extracted data (i.e. spaces included or punctuation marks shown)?

  • Running optical character recognition (OCR) is ordinarily a good first step to improve the quality of the output.
  • Once a Snip is created, any changes to the data or formatting is available directly within excel. If DataSnipper includes spaces or other characters which you do not want included in your excel you can amend this directly in excel.

Can you extract tabular data across multiple pages?

DataSnipper has the capability to extract continuous tables that span across multiple pages using Table Snip functionalities. In case the continuous table is not automatically recognized, you have the option to click on the 3 dots within the Snipped Table and perform a repeat extraction for the following pages.

Can you edit the Table Snip that is recognized by default by DataSnipper?

After creating a Table Snip, you can easily modify the columns by either removing a column (using the minus icon at the bottom of the table) or adding a new column (using the plus icon at the top of the table). Additionally, clicking the 3 dots provides you with the same editing capabilities for rows as well.

Can you remove the suggested Table Snips?

Yes. Within the DataSnipper ribbon you can select this specific setting. These settings can be amended for all excel documents (general settings) or specifically for this workbook (workbook settings). Table Snip suggestions can be toggled off from within the workbook settings options.