FAQs for Form Extraction

Frequently asked questions for DataSnipper's Form Extraction features

Are you able to use Form Extraction to link to ticked boxes, signatures / stamps (etc.) on a form?

Yes. Simply setup your Extraction on the location where the tick should be placed. If the layout of the document in relation to your selected key remains consistent then DataSnipper will create a Text Snip over that consistent location.

NOTE: Depending on the format of the tickbox, this may extract as text. More importantly however is that you now have a cross reference to the exact location where the tickbox is placed and you are therefore able to easily identify (for all forms), if that box has been ticked. You are able to do the same process for any item (i.e. signatures / stamps).

How does DataSnipper know what data should be extracted?

DataSnipper makes use of a Key (reference point). This key should appear once (and only once) on each form and be reasonably close to your Extraction to be a suitable key. This key is used to locate a consistent location on your document, from which your data can be consistently extracted.

You are able to amend the key used by clicking on the 3 dots within the extraction (left), editing the key and then selecting an appropriate key.

Is there a different layout for Form Extraction, say by rows instead of columns?

You have three frequencies for data extraction using Form Extraction, one of them is setting the repeat per “Line” where DataSnipper will locate an identifier key and look for the data field required for extraction on a line-level. 

When using Company Templates in Form Extraction, can the individual user edit the extractions (e.g. snip size, key, name) or the Company Templates cannot be edited?

The individual user can select Edit for the specific Extraction and then it works as a local template. So individual users cannot overwrite the template for all users, but they can edit if there are specific nuances with their own files.