FAQs for Financial Statement Suite

Frequently asked questions for DataSnipper's Financial Statement Suite module

Does the Financial Statement Suite only work for numbers?

The Financial Statement Suite only performs tests on numerical values (excluding numbers within a paragraph of text). If you would like to check the consistency in disclosure you can run version comparison outside of the financial statement suite which will outline all changes (not just numeric).

How can you manually perform a mathematical accuracy check with the Financial Statement Suite?

Yes, by selecting the calculator icon (bottom right) allows you to manually add numbers. After selecting the first number (or group of numbers) you can add additional numbers by holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard.

Why do some numbers require manual calculations, i.e., why are some differences not highlighted)?

DataSnipper will suggest items that are inaccurate if it is reasonably certain that the amount should have summed together. If the difference is too large, DataSnipper assumes that the amount was not meant to sum up. Selecting the calculator icon (bottom right) allows you to manually add numbers.

Can tick marks be customized?

Yes. Each individual user is able to create custom tick marks by selecting any tick mark already applied and selecting custom tick marks. From here, the tick mark can be updated to a previously created custom tick mark or a new one can be created. 

Is it possible to check for Internal Consistency between a Trial Balance and a Financial Statement report using the Financial Statement Suite?

No. When using the Financial Statement Suite it is not possible to perform this test. Nonetheless, Document Matching could be used to perform it. The data from the trial balance can be used as an input, to be searched in the Financial Statement report. 

Is DataSnipper able to recognize negative numbers within the Financial Statement Suite?

Yes, DataSnipper can recognize a number that is negative if it is inside brackets or has the minus sign before or after the number. If it is not immediately recognized as a negative number, use the Recognize Text feature to overwrite previous text layers using DataSnipper’s OCR technology.