FAQs for Document Management

Frequently asked questions for DataSnipper's Document Management capabilities

Are you able to edit the supporting documents within DataSnipper?

You can rename, rotate the documents (or pages) and add comments to the supporting documents but you cannot edit the actual information within the PDF.

Can DataSnipper read password protected files?

Yes, but upon importing into DataSnipper, you will be prompted to input the password for these files. Once the document has been imported and included in DataSnipper, the document will no longer be password protected.

TIP: Password protect the excel document if any of the embedded documents should have password protection included.

How does importing documents work?

If you have opted to "Include PDFs in Excel" (default setting):

  • Imported documents are copied and embedded within the excel file. Anyone with DataSnipper will therefore be able to view these documents.
  • The original documents are not linked to your excel working paper and any changes (either within excel or on those original documents) will have no impact on the other. 

If you opt to not "Include PDFs in Excel":

  • The original documents, specifically their original file location, is what DataSnipper refers to when reading the documents.
  • These documents are therefore not embedded within the excel document itself and any changes to the original documents will update the documents visible in DataSnipper.
  • Other users will only be able to view the imported documents if they have access to the same file location that DataSnipper reads these imported documents from.

Can I use DataSnipper if I do not have internet connection?

Yes, you can use most of the functionalities of DataSnipper without the need of internet as DataSnipper is a local application. What requires internet connection is the OCR (Text Recognition) option, the Getting Started panel and the Feedback button.

What can I do when my Excel becomes slower because I imported a very large amount of documents?

There are several actions you can take in this case:

  1. Compress Documents - Go to DataSnipper > Documents > Remove > Compress imported documents. We recommend to do this after using text recognition and before snipping.
  2. Switch off the ‘Include PDFs in Excel’ button. This will reduce the size of the workbook. We recommend to do this before you start Snipping. Please switch the button back on when you are sharing the workbook with colleagues, otherwise the documents are not included in the workbook.
  3. Remove files - Go to DataSnipper tab > Documents > Remove > Choose documents to remove or Remove pages without snips. We recommend to do this after you have done all the snipping.

What happens when you have more than one documents with the same file name? Will all of them be imported to DataSnipper?

Only the first document will be imported into DataSnipper. It is not possible to have multiple documents with the same name.
You can rename the documents within DataSnipper through Document Viewer and then import the second document.