DataSnipper Value for Partners

Learn how DataSnipper helps partners guarantee higher levels of quality and assurance. It simplifies the Partner's workload by cross-referencing all audit evidence in one Excel file, enabling instant fact-checking and issue flagging.

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Tackling Complex Issues 

An audit engagement Partner has a dual responsibility: overseeing the team's work and tackling complex work-papers. DataSnipper significantly enhances both facets of the role. When it comes to reviewing tasks, its cross-reference capabilities streamline the process, making it effortless to pinpoint exceptions within the work-papers.

Higher Level of Assurance 

It provides a comprehensive snapshot of work-paper completeness, highlighting both outstanding and completed elements. Through the aid of Validation and Exception snips, seamlessly incorporate flags into the review process. Utilizing a Validation Snip allows clearly mark and confirm the review of a specific section in the work-paper, while the Exception Snip enables to effortlessly raise concerns or provide comments to the respective staff member.

Regulatory Accuracy

When it comes to preparing and assessing policies in accordance with IFRS or/and any other Accounting / Auditing standards , the Snipping features of DataSnipper become invaluable. They enable to carry out the tasks with ease, fostering a structured documentation process. The cross-referencing capability to the source not only enhances the reliability of professional judgments but also provides a solid backup, ensuring a robust foundation for the evaluation process.