How to compare drafts of Internal Audit Findings Reports

Learn how to use Version Compare to compare two different drafts of an internal audit findings report.

Video Tutorial


  • 2 different drafts of the same Internal Audit Findings Report
  • DataSnipper Enterprise Package

Start Procedure

  1. Import both Version 1 (draft report prepared and shared with the manager for review) and Version 2 (edited report reflecting changes based on the review) to the Document Viewer.
  2. Go to the DataSnipper ribbon and click on the ‘Version Compare’ icon.
  3. Next, import both Version 1 and Version 2 of your document into 'Version Compare'.
  4. Click on 'Compare' to view the reports side by side, with the original on the left and the updated version on the right.
  5. Now you can scroll through both reports simultaneously to see changes. Changes in the old version are highlighted in red. Changes in the new version is reflected by green.
  6. You can easily review the changes, including updates in charts and graphs.
  7. To export all the changes noted between the versions, click on the Export option on the right-hand side. All the relevant information is with the respective reports in your workbook.
  8. Here you can add comments, observation and share your feedback either in the Excel, or click on the Comments button in the DataSnipper ribbon to do so in the report itself.