Limit number of users in a Terminal or Citrix Environment

This article provides instructions on how to set up your terminal environment to restrict DataSnipper usage to those who need to use the tool.

1. Disable ‘DataSnipperStartupService.exe’

  • The ‘DataSnipperStartupService.exe’ is found in the installation location at C:/Program Files (x86)/DataSnipper and is responsible for automatically re-enabling DataSnipper if it is disabled for any reason.

    This service will need to be disabled for all users, even those who need to use DataSnipper:

2. Modify the LoadBehavior Registry Entry for DataSnipper

  • There is a registry entry named ‘LoadBehavior’ which dictates how DataSnipper starts up when loading Microsoft Excel. This registry entry can be leveraged at a per-user level to restrict their access to using the tool.

    The registry entry can be found by opening Regedit in Windows and heading to the following registry key:

    Once there, you will find that the default LoadBehavior is 3 (enabled):

    Update the LoadBehavior to 0 (disabled) for the restricted users, which will prevent DataSnipper from starting up.

By implementing these steps, you can limit DataSnipper usage within your terminal environment and ensure that only the intended users can use the tool.

Citrix users sometimes experience the learn track popping up after you have skipped it, or settings that are not stored we starting a new session. To resolve this or if you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our technical support team at