How to use the built-in Calculator within the Financial Statement Suite

In DataSnipper version 6.0 and later, you have the option to use the built-in Calculator within the Financial Statement Suite

About the Financial Statement Suite

The financial statement suite is a paid platform module. Designed to review and document financial statement procedures. FSS aims to increase the quality of your work while boosting efficiency. It can automatically perform checks like Mathematical Accuracy, Internal Consistency, and Prior Year Consistency on the whole document. 

About the built-in Calculator 

Use the improved built-in calculator in the Financial Statement Suite to quickly verify numbers and spot errors on your financial statements. Next to the auto-sum function, users can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and check for the % deviation between the two numbers. The improved FSS calculator allows you to perform complex calculations, and ensure accuracy and efficiency in assessing your financial statements.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Click on the Financial Statement Suite (FSS) in the DataSnipper ribbon 
  2. The new standalone FSS window will open. You can choose to use an already created project and continue from there or "Start a new tick and tie" and import your Annual Reports. 
  3. You'll find the built-in Calculator in the top right corner of the Financial Statement Suite.
  4. To start using it, simply Snip over a set of balances within the Financial Statement and use the calculator to check the math on the sum, subtraction, multiplication, division, or percentage.
  5. The built-in calculator also allows you to add or delete a minus symbol on one of the balances which could have been misinterpreted by the OCR functionalities.  

    To learn more about the procedures you can perform with the Financial Statement Suite, have a look at this article: How to document a Financial Statement procedure with Financial Statement Suite?

    Please note that the Financial Statement Suite is a separate paid add-on module and is supported by DataSnipper version 4.0 and later.