How to use Invoice Extraction

Learn how to use the Invoice Extraction within DataSnipper to easily extract data from invoices with similar formatting

About Invoice Extraction

With Invoice Extraction, automatically extract data from invoices such as invoice ID, invoice date, the amount due, and many more. Be less prompt to errors with this advanced feature as it leverages OCR to recognize and extract data fields automatically. Simply check the data fields you need and DataSnipper automatically extracts relevant data directly to your Excel workbook and creates a reference to the source document.

How do I activate the Invoice Extraction feature? 

The Invoice Extraction feature is included in Professional and Enterprise Packages. If you would like to learn more and activate the feature, please contact your dedicated DataSnipper Customer Success Manager.


  • DataSnipper Professional or Enterprise package to activate Invoice Extraction
  • Datasnipper Version 5.1 or later
  • Similarly structured invoices

Start extracting

1. Open Invoice Extraction by clicking on the Document Extraction button in the automation section of the DataSnipper Ribbon and select Invoice Extraction on the drop-down menu.

2. Once the Invoice Extraction section appears on your Document Viewer, select the invoices to which you want Invoice Extraction to be applied, as well as the fields for the relevant information you want to extract. 

3. If you click the "Extract" button you will see the selected data in tabular form in your Excel workbook. By hovering over the Snips, you can see the cross-referenced invoice on the Document Viewer.