How to move downwards while snipping

Learn how to snip vertically on your Excel workbook.

About Snipping

With DataSnipper you can cross-reference Excel with supporting evidence, like PDFs, images, MS Word, and Excel files. The references are stored in the workbook. This makes it very easy to review audit procedures.

Move down: New in DataSnipper v4, press `ENTER` after you have created a snip. Your cursor will move one cell down and allow you to snip on the next row directly.

Happy Vertical Snipping! 

Select the multi-cell range to snip

For many audit procedures like walkthroughs and contract reviews, it can be helpful to snip downwards instead of to the right. Follow these steps to achieve a column with snips among each other:
  1. Select a multi-cell vertical range of cells in Excel
  2. Create a new snip (Text, Sum, Exception, or Validation)
  3. Snips will be created in reading order

Video tutorial