How to resolve issues with copying and pasting images

In rare cases, copying an image or screenshot and pasting it into Excel can lead to Excel closing unexpectedly.

This issue is currently under investigation as of August 2022. We believe this may be caused by other Add-ins interacting with the Windows clipboard causing Excel to close unexpectedly. This is highly dependent on the IT landscape of individual organizations. 

DataSnipper image import closing Excel - issue summary

When a screenshot or image is copied and pasted into Excel, DataSnipper will ask if you want to import it. In rare cases, selecting either option can cause Excel to close unexpectedly.

DataSnipper image import closing Excel - how to resolve

As mentioned, we suspect this has to do with a conflicting Add-in. It may be possible to resolve this by disabling non-DataSnipper Add-ins.

To achieve this, navigate to File, Options, Add-ins, select COM Add-ins then click Go.

In the Add-ins list, unselect all but the DataSnipper Add-in and then click Ok.

Restart Excel and try to paste in the image again. If Excel still closes when importing images with non-DataSnipper Add-ins disabled, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the DataSnipper Support team.