How to compress the file size of workbooks

DataSnipper stores PDF documents inside the workbook. We recommend cleaning up your workbook by deleting unnecessary files and compressing the remaining files.

Compress Imported documents

DataSnipper allows you to compress Imported documents on average the workbook size is reduced by up to 50%.

  1. Use the Remove > Compress Imported Documents button in your toolbar
  2. After a minute all your workbook size is compressed, please save the workbook and share it with your colleagues.

DataSnipper has no hard limit on the number of files that can be imported into any particular workbook. We do recommend keeping the total size of imported files under 100MB when sharing workbooks. 

Removing unnecessary files

Cleaning your file is easy in DataSnipper. From a compliance perspective, it can be useful to remove documents after your test proceeds.
  1. Use the Remove > Select documents to remove button in your toolbar
  2. Select the files you want to remove

Explainer video

Please watch this 1-minute video to learn everything you need to know.