How to search through your documents in DataSnipper

In this article, we will explain how to search through your documents in DataSnipper using Smart Search functionality.

About Smart Search

With DataSnipper you can instantly search through all your imported documents, like PDFs, images, and even scans with handwritten text. Whether you are looking for a text, number, or handwritten information, Smart search will show all the corresponding documents with the correct data.

It supports almost all languages and also takes different time formats into account. For example, searching for 21/03/2021 will also find 03/21/2021. Smart! Or, when you need an overview in your Test of Control of all documents with an invoice number, smart search will output all corresponding documentation from all different systems.

Search (through) your documents

  1. Simply click in the cell which includes information
  2. Or add the text to the search bar in the top right
  3. You will be presented with all the occurrences across all of the documents (6)