What file types are supported by DataSnipper?

Import PDF, Word, Excel, Images, Mails, and many other file types.

DataSnipper will automatically convert any file into PDF during import. To ensures the immutability, readability, and standardization of your documentation. 

Supported file types

Below you find a list of file types and extensions supported by DataSnipper Platform and the Financial Statement Suite. Most other file types are supported as text-based files.

Supported file types Extensions Comments
PDF files .pdf Password encrypted PDFs are supported.
Images .png, .jpeg, .jfif, .bmp, .tiff Images will be converted into PDF.
Mails .msg, .eml Supported attachments will be added to the bottom of the PDF file.
Text-Based files .txt, .xml, .rtf, .* Text-Based conversion will be the default for extensions not included in this list.
Web files .html, .xhtml, .php Converting HTML files into PDF is in beta from version 4.1
Word .doc, .docx, .odt Password encrypted word files are not supported, you can do this in word.
Excel .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .csv For every sheet a new PDF file will be imported. Excel files larger than 10mb will be blocked. Excel files with embedded images are not currently supported.
Zip Directories .zip We will import all supported files inside the zip directory

Happy Snipping

To start using DataSnipper and convert your files to PDF, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the DATASNIPPER tab
  2. Click Import Documents
  3. Select files to convert and import into DataSnipper