How to import documents into the Financial Statement Suite

Easily import documents in the Financial Statement Suite

About the Financial Statement Suite

The Financial Statement Suite is a paid platform module. Designed to automatically perform and review financial statements, while relying on the auditor's judgment. Increase audit quality, while boosting efficiency.

Importing documents

  1. When you first open the DataSnipper tab, you will realize that the Financial Statement Suite icon is greyed out. This is because you need to import your financial statements first. 
  2. Begin importing your documents by clicking the import documents button.
    FSS - import documents-2
  3. Once your documents are imported, you will see the Financial Statement Suite button is clickable.
  4. When you click on the Financial Statement Suite button, the start page will show up. You can then choose your imported documents and start your procedure.
    FSS - import documents gif



  1. Is it possible to import the relevant documents only by using the import functionality of FSS?
    No, you need to import at least one document using the main import functionality of DataSnipper, otherwise, the FSS and Version Comparison buttons will be greyed out. Once at least one document is imported, you can then import more documents directly in the FSS or VC windows.