How to import documents in DataSnipper Excel Online

Learn how to use the Document Organizer in DataSnipper Excel Online to efficiently import and sort your PDF files for an organized collaboration.

About Document Organizer in Excel Online

Document Organizer is a one-stop shop for importing your source documents, renaming them, and even removing documents when necessary, helping you to quickly start your audit and finance procedures.

This product version is currently in the beta stage and not available to all clients. If you're interested in participating in testing, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for further information.


  • Microsoft Excel Online

How-to Video

Import documents and folders

You can easily organize and find what you need in an instant tailored to your work in Excel Online. In the document organizer, you can import PDF documents by clicking on the import documents.

Removing Documents

You can also reduce the workbook’s file size by removing documents via the document organizer. All you need to do is select the documents you want to delete and click ‘Remove’.