How to compare documents in DataSnipper using Version Comparison?

Learn how to use DataSnipper's Version Comparison to compare different versions of a document, i.e., management reports, representation letter, SLAs, contracts, etc.

Video Tutorial


  • Financial Statement Suite OR Enterprise Package 
  • 2 separate versions of a document 

Start Procedure

  1. Start by importing the 2 separate versions of a document, for example, a Representation Letter.
  2. Open "Version Comparison" in the DataSnipper Ribbon and select the documents you've just imported. Click "Compare.
  3. DataSnipper will automatically review both documents entirely and denote all changes between the Old version and New version. 
  4. You can then choose Export to Excel so you can inspect the changes between the two as Snips with direct cross references to said differences.
  5. Simply inspect the changes to ensure your document are accurate and with the highest quality.