How to add a Custom Tickmark on your Financial Statement Suite

In DataSnipper version 4.1 and later, you have the option to create a custom tickmark to document your findings.

About the Financial Statement Suite

The financial statement suite is a paid platform module. Designed to perform and review financial statements. Increase audit quality, while boosting efficiency. Leverage DataSnipper's AI and automation technology to increase your audit quality and efficiency.

Custom tickmarks

Optimized to strengthen your documentation, users can create custom tickmarks. By adding custom tickmarks, you can conform to your organization’s documentation standards. Default tickmarks can be set at an organizational level as well. Custom tickmarks help audit staff to effectively document their findings.

Please note that creating a Custom Tickmark is only supported by DataSnipper version 4.1 and later, and is available with Financial Statement Suite, a separate paid add-on module.

  1. Begin by clicking the Financial Statement Suite button in the top right-hand corner of the DataSnipper tab within Excel.
  2. When you click on any amount within the financial statements or any finding from the findings sidebar, a pop-up will show up. 
  3. You can then click on "Custom Tickmarks" in which you will be able to see the option to "Add custom tickmark".
  4. You can give your tickmark a title, characters used for the tickmark, and decide if it indicates correct/incorrect.
  5. Once you click Ok, the tickmark will be created and ready to use.