DataSnipper's Value for Reviewers

Learn how DataSnipper is changing the way of working for Reviewers across the Audit industry. Improving the review process by cross-referencing all audit evidence in one Excel file, enabling instant fact-checking and issue flagging.

Video Tutorial 

Transparent Work 

The responsibility of the Reviewer is overseeing the team's work. DataSnipper significantly improves this role with its Cross-reference capabilities by making it easy to identify exceptions within the work-papers.

Comprehensive Overview

DataSnipper offers a comprehensive overview of work-paper completeness, highlighting both outstanding and completed elements. With the assistance of Validation and Exception Snips, it seamlessly integrates flags into the review process.

Using a Validation Snip allows for the clear marking and confirmation of the review of a specific section in the work-paper, while the Exception Snip enables easy identification of concerns or the provision of comments to the respective staff member.

Quickly Spot Errors

When it’s time for the 2nd round of review, with Version Compare you can easily highlight the changes in the work-paper, and the Reviewer can focus on those areas when opening the document again. 

With DataSnipper no stone is unturned. For all review stages the DataSnipper platform provides the Reviewer with the means to achieve a successful high quality audit.