3. Train all users

3. Train all users

Best practice: Training all users is a vital step in ensuring that DataSnipper is fully onboarded in your organisation. If this is not done we typically see much lower usage and business impact as the more advanced features (such as document matching) are not well understood.

3.1 Champions training (DataSnipper)

Best practice: Setup a champions network within your firm with at least 1 champion per office and 1 champion per industry segment. Implementation of DataSnipper in your firm greatly benefits from a champions network.

We provide a Champions training per DataSnipper version to ensure all champions can work well with DataSnipper and are up to date on the latest additions. Session duration is around 1 hour and covers all features of the tool (or the updates in case of a new version). Furthermore, there is room for questions from the attendees.

3.2 Firm-wide training (DataSnipper)

We provide a Generic training per DataSnipper version to ensure all users can work well with DataSnipper and can work well with DataSnipper. If not all users can attend the generic training we can record the training session which you can make available within your firm so people can view at a later time.

3.3 Internal training program (Audit firm)

We highly recommend you to make a firm specific training for DataSnipper and include it as part of your internal training program. As an addition to our generic trainings, this firm specific training helps your users to apply DataSnipper in compliance with your firm's audit documentation standards. You can use the training material below as an inspiration.

3.4 Training material

Ahead of every training session we will ask you to distribute some standard training materials to all the participants. These are designed as worked examples of the features of DataSnipper, they are used to allow the participants to click along as they follow the training. See below for an abridged recording of the training session and to download the materials:


Download the training files here