4. Provide Guidance & Support to your users

4. Provide Guidance & Support to your users

4.1 Communications

If there is one thing we know about innovation teams within accounting practices it's that you love a newsletter or an email!

We have designed the below resources so you can send an informative "kick off" email or newsletter article to your practice and get everyone excited about using DataSnipper, it's also great if you can ask your users to sign up to our mailing list so they can keep informed on all the newest features and use cases!

4.1.1. Kick-off template

The below template is designed to be sent out on launching DataSnipper in your practice to make everyone aware of the tool and its main features. 


4.2 Videos


Best Practice: Share the videos and a link to the knowledge base with your practice so that teams can access these resource on-demand 

One thing we've learned in onboarding over 150 clients is that a lot of our users prefer not to have extra reading, for that reason we have also made all of the main features and use cases into short digestible videos, which your team can use, please see the link below.

You can also reach out to your audit transformation contact to be provided with the actual video files and you can upload these to your intranet if this makes them easier to access.

4.3 Feedback portal


Now that you are fully onboarded (and we are so glad to have you), you may have some ideas on how we can make DataSnipper even more useful in future!

4.3 Changelog


In case you want to see the changes from a version to the previous version, you can see that in articles in the changelog.

4.4 Support
4.4.1 Tech Support
DataSnipper offers 3rd line technical support as part of the license price.

- Send an email to Support@datasnipper.com
- Or call +31 (0)20 211 76 54. This line is monitored 24/7.
4.4.2 Functional Support
Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Audit Transformation Manager any time.
4.4.3 Billing Support:
For questions around invoicing, reach out to:
- Your Customer Success Manager
- The invoicing department,  via invoicing@datasnipper.com or  +31 (0)20 211 76 54.