1. Compose your DataSnipper Onboarding Team

The first step in a successful DataSnipper implementation is composing your Onboarding team. We see the below relevant roles and responsibilities during the onboarding process. Depending on your firm's size the roles might overlap.

Action: Share the contact details of your onboarding team with your Audit Transformation Manager.

  • Business sponsor
    Has overall responsibility for DataSnipper success at your organization.

  • Implementation manager
    Project manager for DataSnipper implementation and main contact person between DataSnipper and the rest of the organization.

  • IT manager
    Responsible for central push installation of DataSnipper to all audit employees.

  • Learning & Development manager
    Responsible for training. During the onboarding process we will work together to plan training sessions with all audit employees.

  • Methodology (Professional Practice) manager
    Responsible for Audit methodology. During the onboarding process we will work together to embed DataSnipper in new or existing templates that all audit employees can apply in practice.

  • Champions network
    Network of ambassadors that promote the use of DataSnipper. We work together with this group to educate other audit employees and collect feedback during focus group meetings.