DataSnipper onboarding - Welcome!

This page contains information to help you with onboarding DataSnipper at your audit firm.

Congratulations and welcome to DataSnipper

If you are reading this, then it means that you are in the exciting process of onboarding your practice to using DataSnipper, Congratulations! 🎉

Implementation is key

We want to welcome you to the DataSnipper family. DataSnipper can be truly transformative in eliminating a great deal of repetitive work for your team members, but onboarding is crucial to ensuring maximum business impact within your organization.

Why am I here?

The information, resources, and tools below are designed to make your job of onboarding your organization to DataSnipper as easy as possible. As always if there are any other questions you can reach out to your Audit Transformation Manager to find out more.

What do we expect from you?

How to setup a successful onboarding process?

In the image below you can see a successful onboarding process:

For each topic (Technical implementation, Training, Guidance & Support) we provide you with material on this page. Please see below for more detail per topic.